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evostocklogo_001_7inchAn Invitation to all Pro Photographers and Stock Artists,

Many photographers complain that the cost of doing business through most stock agencies / distributors has become too high! The agency system as it exists today threatens the business viability of any professional artist who creates images for stock licensing.  Not only do the big agencies take the large majority share of the revenues but they continually and historically keep charging less and less per license without any apparent concern for the business realities of those professionals who create the imagery they distribute and license.

Enter Evostock.  Evostock’s mission is to end the need for agency representation / distribution for professional stock image creators.  In so doing, Evostock will empower the independent artist to have control over their business and imagery and in turn allow the vast majority of stock licensing fees to go directly to the creators.   Evostock will also work to evolve rights managed licensing / pricing models in adaptation to the new and emerging media environments.  These new models will be designed along with input from professional trade organizations and other industry players to serve the short and long term business interests of independent professional stock artists and their customers / clients.

The vision and organizational plan for Evostock has been released on

Evostock is a virtual collective of independent professional stock artists. Photographers are coming together online with their images to create a new way forward outside the system of large stock agencies who they believe no longer serve the best interests of professional image creators.  Evostock’s mission is to empower professional stock image creators and end the necessity for overly expensive agency representation / distribution in the stock image marketplace.  Evostock is a general subject matter edited collection.

To learn more, go to or view the initial members’ collections at

Evostock is being built on Photoshelter Virtual Agency (VA) technology and was founded by Tim McGuire in late July, 2009.

If you want to help build a new future for stock creators, check out this new venture and see if it’s right for you., an online virtual collective for stock imagery creators.

EVOlve or go extinct!

–Rich Wagner

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