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ASMP Tucson member in Group Exhibition

Conrgatulations to ASMP member Rex Koningsor, who will have three photographs in this Beyond the Borders Exhibit in Flagstaff:

Beyond the Border:  the Wall, the People, and the Land

Flagstaff Cultural Partners is pleased to announce this new art exhibition, set to open September 22, 2012, and remain open through October 31, 2012, at the Coconino Center for the Arts in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Beyond the Border addresses the human and environmental impact of issues that surround the US / Mexico border, the border wall and border policies. Works of art in the show will explore this impact and how changing policy is affecting the environment and/or people. The intent of this exhibition is not to advocate for or against any position, policy or political figure; rather, Beyond the Border offers an opportunity for stories to be shared and questions to be raised that allow viewers to explore the consequences of intensified focus on this region.

Beyond the Border will include  the traveling exhibition, Continental Divide, which features photographs from the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP). In January 2009, the ILCP sent a team of world-renowned photographers, writers, filmmakers and scientists to the U.S./Mexico borderlands to document the ecological and human impacts of the border wall.  This exhibition is a compelling illustration of what they discovered on our own southern frontier, in one of the most imperiled landscapes on the continent.

Beyond the Border will also be accompanied by several events and programs to add meaning and depth to the exhibition (see schedule below). Additionally, a sister exhibition, NEPANTLA: Tierra Entre Medio/Between Worlds, will be hosted at the Flagstaff Photography Center in downtown Flagstaff, featuring the work of award-winning artist, Raechel Running.

This exhibition is part of the Flagstaff Festival of Science.


Beyond the Border at Coconino Center for the Arts

Opening Reception             Live music, good food, and a chance to meet many of the artists in Beyond the Border Saturday, September 22, 6-8pm             Coconino Center for the Arts

Lecture & Presentation by Dan Millis & Krista Schlyer Dan Millis of Sierra Club Borderlands works  to protect natural and historic resources for future generations. Krista Schlyer, photographer, writer and  curator of the Continental Divide exhibit will be talking about her  experiences documenting the borderlands and the impacts of border  policy. She will be discussing her new book, Continental Divide:  Wildlife, People and the Wall, as well as her 2009 expedition with 12  other photographers from the International League of Conservation  Photographers. Sunday, September 23, 4pm   Coconino Center for the Arts

Border Songs – CD Release Concert Live music and celebration of the new Border Songs compilation double CD with many of the performing artists in concert!    Friday, October 12, 7pm    Coconino Center for the Arts

More info about Border Songs

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Pedro Guerrero, Who Captured Art in Photos, Dies at 95

Pedro E. Guerrero, a former art school dropout who showed up in the dusty Arizona driveway of Frank Lloyd Wright in 1939, boldly declared himself a photographer and then spent the next half-century working closely with him, capturing his modernist architecture on film, died on Thursday at his home in Florence, Ariz.  Pedro Eduardo Guerrero was born in Casa Grande, Arizona, on Sept. 5, 1917, and died at the age of 95.

Pedro E. Guerrero

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In Memoriam: Susan Carr

National board member Susan Carr passed away Sept. 3, 2012  after battling cancer. Clicking on the “In Memoriam:Susan Carr” which follows will take you to the ASMP National page for more details and tribute.

In Memoriam: Susan Carr.

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ASMP Tucson Member Charles Hedgcock Highlighted in a Blog

Click on the lnk below to see the Lenswork blog which had some very nice things to say about our friend and fellow ASMP Tucson member Chip Hedgcock, who we may have to start referring to as “Edward!” Kudos to you, Chip. So nice you were recognized for the talent that you are by someone outside our circle.


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