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Photographer Jack Reznicki and IP attorney Ed Greenberg have been favorites in the industry for their no-bull, get-straight-to-the-facts approach to explaining and making sense of the confusing world of legal jargon and copyright technicalities. Through real world case studies, personal asides, and their clear, plain English speaking style, they’ve gained a following of photographers who have benefited from their sound advice over the years.

In this webinar, we’ll chat with Jack and Ed to debunk many of the myths about copyright that have spread among the creative community throughout the years. They’ll present the facts, plain and simple.

This free 1 hr webinar will cover:

  • What is copyright and why do you care?
  • Why registration is not just important, but critical
  • What to do and not to do when you’re infringed
  • Poor excuses we hear from infringers and their lawyers
  • Head fakes – What excuses lawyers use when their clients infringe
  • Things to consider when hiring a lawyer

*** In Tucson, this webinar will take place at 2 pm ***

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