ASMP Develops new iPhone and iPad app for Model & Property Releases

ASMP recently released a customizable model and property release app for iPhone and iPad which allows the creation of a release, directly in the phone, while on location. No more having to remember to re-stock your supply of releases before heading out on a job.

No need for a printer – client, subject or property owner can digitally sign the release on the spot and have a PDF copy emailed to them, the photographer, the agent, etc. A photo of the model or property can be attached to the release as a reference.

The template can be customized to include any sensitive or digital manipulation issues, as well as issues with photographing minors.

Planning to license work through a stock agency? In addition to the ASMP forms, the app includes the industry standard releases for stock photography produced by Getty Images, Inc.

Creating photos strictly for promotional use and finding it hard to obtain signatures from subjects who are frightened by the extended rights in a standard broad-range release? There is a release included which covers this. If later the image can be licensed to a third party, one can go back to the subject and attain further releases as necessary, but in the meantime, get signatures for the initial intended promotional purpose.

Look for the app in the app store through your phone or via iTunes.

By Martha Lochert | Posted: July 24th, 2012 | No comments