New ASMP Tucson Website Goes Live!!!

Dear ASMP members and friends,

After months of development, the new ASMP-Tucson web site is live! This is a completely new site, structured after the National ASMP site. The site draws on both our own local content and content from the National site, creating a great resource for both photographers and creatives here in Tucson. There are a lot of new features to the site – I’ll highlight a few below, but the best way to see what’s new is to visit the site!

The newly designed site features separate content areas for members and creatives as well as non-member photographers. There is a Local Resource section that lists assistants, stylists and makeup artists, labs, the weather, and other local resources, and an ASMP National section. Spotlighted Features, News, and Upcoming Events will all be updated frequently. There’s also a link to the ASMP-Tucson Blog.

The ASMP-Tucson site now features member photos on the right-hand side of many pages. These images by ASMP-Tucson chapter members are pulled from the Portfolio section of the National member database. It’s very cool!!! Recently, ASMP National increased the size requirements for these photos. If you did not upload new images, National automatically up-rezzed them, and many look ugly! So now is the time to log into the National site (you can do that from the ASMP-Tucson site!) and upload new images. The size requirements are listed on National’s site. They’re your images, and lots of people will see them, so make sure they look great!

There are also new banner images that will be shown on both the home page as well as in the new Member’s Gallery, a showcase for work from all ASMP-Tucson members.

© Jennifer Polixenni Brankin

© Jennifer Polixenni Brankin

General Members can submit up to 5 banner images and associate / student members may submit 1 banner image. Banner images will be shown randomly on the home page. On the Member’s Gallery page, all members who submit images are listed, and one of each member’s five images (one for associate/student members) will be randomly selected and shown. The page refreshes with new images with each page load to keep the site looking new. This is another great way to showcase your work, so submit new images soon!

The new banner images should be 620 pixels wide and no more than 225 pixels tall, sRGB jpg, 72 ppi, with embedded sRGB profile. You can use white space any way you want – crop a single image to that size, or combine images into a composite. Please name banner images as Lastname_Firstname_MemberID_ImageNum.jpg and submit them to (Here’s an example: Photographer_Joe_99999_001.jpg) If you’re a General member, the Member’s Gallery and home page banner images both link to your Find-a-Photographer page on the National ASMP site, so if you don’t have any images on the new ASMP-Tucson site, you’re missing out!

Lastly, we could also use a sponsor or two… If you know of a company that would be interested in sponsoring ASMP-Tucson and having their logo/ad on the ASMP-Tucson website, refer them to the new website!


–Rich Wagner
ASMP-Tucson Board, Web Liason

By Rich Wagner | Posted: January 4th, 2010 | No comments