indian center

indian center

OK so here is a great opportunity for you to help the local community:


I am looking for volunteers to come and assist with a Photography workshop that is happening at the Tucson Indian Center http://www.ticenter.org/

It’s going to be working with the youth coalition and teaching them how to take photographs and it’s Saturday 5th September 10am -3:00pm downtown.

Right now I need a few volunteers to help me work with the kids/ teens on the activities that we have planned. We are trying to teach them basic photo skills from capture to download. Then help them practice photographing in a studio setting and later in the year there will be an exhibition planned.

We are also looking for any donations of digital cameras for the class. They don’t have to be top of the line, and nor do they have to be SLR, whatever you have we are willing to work with- the Indian center said they would give you a tax receipt for the donation to the youth program.



If you have any questions or are interested in being a volunteer for the workshop please call or email me.

720 273 8285




Thank you,


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