Photography of the Night Sky, Part I of II

Adam Block Program

Adam Block Program

Thursday August 13th, 2009

ASMP Tucson is proud to welcome local astro photographer Adam Block as he will present “Photography of the Night Sky,” a two-part seminar on capturing a window to the universe.

The first session will discuss the details and techniques of astrophotography that will be applied on the second on-site session.

Adam works with the Mount Lemon Sky Center as the program coordinator and is currently in the process of developing his own observatory. His overall mission is topromote public outreach in astronomy, offering others access to view the universe through photography and observation. With increasing conditions of light polluted
skies, he offers a passionate perspective on the night sky that will invite people to beinspired and appreciate the endangered natural resource. He has developed various nightly observing programs and has specialized in his work in CCD imagery.


Thursday August 13th, 2009

6:00pm  Pizza social (sponsored by Amy Blackburn)
7:00pm  Presentation begins

Thomas Veneklasen Photography
129 N Warren Ave Tucson, AZ 85719
(520) 884-8143

Free to ASMP members
$15 Non Member $10 NM Students

Jennifer Polixenni Brankin:
720-273-8285 or

Programming questions can be sent to Adam Block at:

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